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Skilled Migrant Workers Can Transform Hong Kong

Walmart, New York Times, IKEA and General Electric: just a few examples of billion-dollar businesses that reinvented themselves through digital upgrades. Technological advancements, and more recently Covid19, has forced traditional industries and even governments to rapidly digitalize, whether through online sales, distance learning, new-age social media ad campaigns, telemedicine etc.

Clearly, there is an urgent need for workers to develop new skills. Journalists need to adapt their style for online audiences, educators need to learn teaching over Zoom and doctors must practice diagnosing patients via healthcare apps. But as this transformation in the global workforce takes place, one vulnerable groups is left behind: Migrant & Minority Workers.

A New World Needs New Talent

As Hong Kong battles with protests and small businesses enter a go-slow due to Covid19, Migrant and Minority workers are hit further. Many face loss of income, livelihood and homes. And their jobs, in the traditional form, may never come back. Hong Kong itself, needs to create new digital industries to remain competitive.

Modern Migrants aims to re-train migrant and minority workers through upskilling them in six key areas. These six pillars are:

  1. Digital Marketing and Branding

  2. Online News and Media

  3. Digital Learning and Teaching

  4. Digital Healthcare

  5. Creative Arts

  6. Digital Government Services


Through our collaboration with industry leaders and top global universities, ModernMigrants will provide much needed workshops, online courses, mentoring program and internships for minority and migrant workers, allowing them to gain the right training, experience and confidence to fearlessly enter the working world of tomorrow.

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