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ModernMigrants Zoom Series

ModernMigrants will start with a series of Zoom Calls to introduce its program participants to new opportunities in a digitalized world. Starting with an inaugural call that provides and overview of how industries around the world are being transformed, the Zoom Calls will cover six high-potential industries including marketing, medicine, social media, government, education and news. 

Each call will allow live interaction with a key industry leader, who will guide and mentor our program participants on becoming upskilled in their industry. Internships and training opportunities will also be discussed.  

Zoom Call 1 - Digital Education 
Guest Speaker: Joanna Hotung
June 24th, 2020
Amidst this global pandemic, schools remain closed and teachers have taken to Zoom for teaching and adapting projects for remote completion. Universities, such as Harvard, are offering numerous free online classes. The trend began well before Covid-19, with teachers turning to apps like Google Classroom or Schoology. While schools will eventually reopen, the lessons that educators have learnt from online classes will change education forever. This Zoom Call helps teachers grasp the new digital skillset for the future of learning. 
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Zoom Call 2 - Digital Creative Arts & Design
Guest Speaker: Shashank Negi
July 3rd, 2020
From drawing company logos digitally to editing product ad videos, many new digital tools have changed the face of design and producing creative media. This Zoom Call focuses focus on skills needed to be ace digital designers and applying them to startups and advertising.  
Zoom Call 3 - Digital Marketing and Branding
Guest Speaker: Melissa Brewster
July 9th, 2020
Marketing is all about effectively reaching an audience in places that they visit often. Rising Internet usage means that people are spending more time looking at websites than billboards or newspaper ads. Companies must run ad campaigns  on social media, send email promotions and partner with websites in related fields to improve their brand recognition and reach more potential customers. This Zoom Call focuses on skills needed for being strong digital marketers.
Zoom Call 4 - Talks With Google
Guest Speaker: Arun Vemuri
July 17th, 2020
Zoom Meet Link
This Zoom call with Arun Vemuri gives an overview of industries globally are digitalizing and an insight into how tech giants such as Google have adapted to remote work amidst Covid-19. 
Zoom Call 5 - Digitally Evolving Healthcare
Guest Speaker: Danish Ahmed
July 23rd, 2020
Zoom Meet Link
Healthcare apps have revolutionized the efficiency and convenience of the industry. A fantastic example of this is Ping An Good Doctor, a Chinese app that has successfully reduced the heavy backlog of China’s healthcare system by allowing for doctors to consult patients and prescribe treatments online. This has freed up hospital facilities to patients who need intensive care or prolonged treatment. Other recent developments such as telemedicine, AI deep learning and wearable trackers mean that healthcare workers of the future will need to be well acquainted with digital evolution. This Zoom Call focuses on skills for healthcare of tomorrow.   
Zoom Call 6 - Online News & Media
Guest Speaker: Priyanka Jain
July 29th, 2020
Zoom Meet Link
People’s daily commute today involves checking the news online or listening to a podcast rather than reading a newspaper. Print media is quickly declining as online avenues are far more accessible, convenient and cheap for consuming media. Most large publications, such as BBC or the New York Times, now publish online. This requires different skills for journalists such as adapting their content for unique audiences and provides them the chance to self-publish on blogs or start their own digital writing sites. This Zoom Call focuses on skills needed for being strong digital storytellers.
Zoom Call 7 - Digital Opportunities For Youth In India
Guest Speakers: Arvind Gupta & Sandeep Deswal
January 5th, 2021
Zoom Meet Link
ModernMigrants begins its expansion into India with a call featuring Arvind Gupta, the co-founder and head of the Digital India Foundation. The think-tank works to enable a digital India from the bottom of the pyramid and provides affordable access for digital empowerment. Our other guest speaker, Sandeep Deswal, believes that a digital revolution is taking place and wants to include all of India in it. He founded Digi-Yuva to involve the country's youth. So far, the company has reached over 3,000 students and doesn't plan to slow down. Our partnership with these digital companies in India will help us reach far more youth in a new country and we are excited to impact a whole new demographic.
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